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New content for Expression Blend 3 and Silverlight 3
July 10, 2009, 8:09 pm
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Today Microsoft released new versions of Expression Blend 3 and Silverlight 3. To celebrate such remarkable milestone Nibbles Tutorials is also publishing new content. Today you will find:

Sample Pack 3 deconstructed – Step-by-step explanation about the applications that shipped as part of Expression Blend 3, including tons of new features in Blend and SketchFlow. This week we have tutorials for two new samples: Zune 3D and PCGaming Sketch.

New Sample: Billboard 3D – There is a new sample available for download using Perspective 3D to create a billboard panel that rotates four different images.

New Behaviors – You can also download two new Behaviors. ListBoxItemSendToTop will bring a ListBoxItem to the top when you roll over it (useful when you have items overlapping each other). And GoToUserControlState, which allow you to trigger States from inside other controls (it will look up the Visual Tree and trigger the State defined in the topmost User Control).

Hope you enjoy the new content! We will bring more Tutorials shortly…


New Nibbles Tutorials running on Silverlight 2
October 15, 2008, 7:33 am
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Yesterday Microsoft announced the release of Silverlight 2. What a joy! This is a quantum leap from version 1 and of course I had to update Nibbles Tutorials to use the cool new features.

In this version you will find a better navigation model, an updated design, a new sample running on Silverlight 2 (X Tune-up), an easier way to see the tutorials which are all expanded, and lots of small improvements.

This is just the beginning. New samples and videos will follow shortly.

Hope you enjoy it!



Sample Pack 2 available in Blend 2
May 1, 2008, 7:56 pm
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Expression Blend 2 (and the whole Expression Studio 2) was announced today! As part of the package you can get six new Samples built using Blend 2 (Sample Pack 2 – including Silverlight 1.0 and WPF). They are available in the Welcome Screen (Help > Welcome Screen > Samples).

Follow the Nibbles tutorials link and download Blend 2!


Brief description of what you will find in the samples:

Blend Player (Silverlight 1.0)
Player template from Expression Encoder that was re-skinned using Blend.

Button Gallery (Silverlight 1.0)
Simple example of a Button class that can be used to create Silverlight 1.0 buttons.

Magnifying Glass (Silverlight 1.0)
Move the magnifying glass around to see details of butterflies. You can also play an animation.

Note Table (WPF)
Import folders with images and create annotations, just like a whiteboard.

Smooth Blends (WPF)
A great example of how we can re-style a List Box in WPF!

Web Search (WPF)
Searches the web using Live Search API. You can search web and images at the same time.

Hope you enjoy them!

new wpf samples available
August 6, 2007, 4:49 am
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You can download two new samples for WPF in the Nibbles Tutorials:
Go to Samples > WPF Samples to download them.

First sample: T-Rex 3D
You can see how easy is to work with 3D in Blend & WPF. This sample uses a pretty big 3D file (~5 Mb just for the geometry). Five buttons trigger a few animations that move the camera to show different angles of the T-Rex. But be aware… 3D demands good hardware!

Second sample: Planets 3D
Another 3D sample, but now showing big textures. Note that the buttons have 3D content inside of their Control Template. Nice WPF!

Also Note that there are NO CODE in these samples. All XAML created using blend. Nice!



Nibbles Tutorials Running on Silverlight 1.0 RC
July 30, 2007, 6:40 am
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Nibbles is already running on Silverlight 1.0 RC. That means you have to install:

1) Silverlight 1.0 RC (Release Candidate)
2) Expression Blend 2 August Preview

All tutorials were also updated to reflect changes in the new version of Blend:



Upcoming Changes – New versions of Blend and Silverlight
July 27, 2007, 8:19 pm
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Today Microsoft announced two upgrades that will impact Nibbles Tutorials:

Expression Blend 2 August Preview
Silverlight 1.0 RC (Release Candidate)

The Silverlight web site doesn’t have the new RC version up to this date, so if you want to start playing with RC you will have to use the same link above (Blend’s install). The instructions about installing Blend 2 will also show links to Silverlight 1.0 RC. Because of these announcements, I will also update Nibbles Tutorials.

Starting on Monday, July 30th 2007, in order to access Nibbles Tutorials you will need to:

1) Install Silverlight 1.0 RC (Nibbles will not work with Silverlight 1.0 Beta anymore)
2) Install Expression Blend 2 August Preview

You will be able to use Expression Blend 1.0, or Expression Blend 2 May Preview only if you are creating WPF applications. Although, I will update the screen shots and instructions to reflect the new UI in Blend 2 August Preview, so you should update to be able to better follow the tutorial’s steps.


new Nibbles: Blend & WPF
July 23, 2007, 8:51 am
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The session Blend & WPF is live! It begins with three nibbles. Two of them are about User Controls and one is about effects (reflection).

The first part about User Controls shows how to create something similar to movie clips in Flash. The second part shows how to create a Dependency Property, and expose it in Blend. That means you can change the properties of the User Control just by using Blend’s UI.

The nibble about effects shows how to create an animated reflection. No tutorial about WPF can leave this out 😉