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Sample Pack 2 available in Blend 2
May 1, 2008, 7:56 pm
Filed under: Silverlight, WPF

Expression Blend 2 (and the whole Expression Studio 2) was announced today! As part of the package you can get six new Samples built using Blend 2 (Sample Pack 2 – including Silverlight 1.0 and WPF). They are available in the Welcome Screen (Help > Welcome Screen > Samples).

Follow the Nibbles tutorials link and download Blend 2!


Brief description of what you will find in the samples:

Blend Player (Silverlight 1.0)
Player template from Expression Encoder that was re-skinned using Blend.

Button Gallery (Silverlight 1.0)
Simple example of a Button class that can be used to create Silverlight 1.0 buttons.

Magnifying Glass (Silverlight 1.0)
Move the magnifying glass around to see details of butterflies. You can also play an animation.

Note Table (WPF)
Import folders with images and create annotations, just like a whiteboard.

Smooth Blends (WPF)
A great example of how we can re-style a List Box in WPF!

Web Search (WPF)
Searches the web using Live Search API. You can search web and images at the same time.

Hope you enjoy them!