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new wpf samples available
August 6, 2007, 4:49 am
Filed under: WPF

You can download two new samples for WPF in the Nibbles Tutorials:
Go to Samples > WPF Samples to download them.

First sample: T-Rex 3D
You can see how easy is to work with 3D in Blend & WPF. This sample uses a pretty big 3D file (~5 Mb just for the geometry). Five buttons trigger a few animations that move the camera to show different angles of the T-Rex. But be aware… 3D demands good hardware!

Second sample: Planets 3D
Another 3D sample, but now showing big textures. Note that the buttons have 3D content inside of their Control Template. Nice WPF!

Also Note that there are NO CODE in these samples. All XAML created using blend. Nice!