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nibbles tutorials beta is live!
June 20, 2007, 8:41 pm
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This is the first tutorial web site that is built 100% using Silverlight 1.0. You can install Silverlight 1.0 Beta here. The first version of nibbles tutorials is in beta version, so please send us your feedback.

The concept of nibbles is simple: snack tutorials for hungry designers. The tutorials will teach a few steps at a time, so they will be short and easy to follow – the perfect creative snack.

For this launch, we have seven nibbles that will teach you basic concepts on how to use Expression Blend to create Silverlight applications. You can learn how to create animations, create your first button, load an external XAML file, and also how to work with Classes in JavaScript.

Pretty soon we will be creating a new section about Blend and WPF – stay tuned with our RSS Feed to receive updates.

Try it out now! Start using nibbles.

-Celso Gomes


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Very nice!

Comment by zzzz

Looks fab, but when I try and download the files I get a new window (which is up for around half a second) then nothing. Any ideas?

Comment by Ian

It’s a security option in IE 7. You can enable downloads:

a. Select Tools > Internet Options
b. Select the Security tab
c. Click on the button Custom Level
d. Under Settings, find the section “Downloads”
e. For the option “Automatic prompting for file downloads”, check “enable”.
f. Click “OK” and then “Apply”

You can also use Firefox.


Comment by Celso

Looks good, but a couple of issues right off the bat…
1. The entry page says the tutorial requires Expression Blend 2 May 2007 Preview; the version I have is only identified with a build number (in Help > About Microsoft Expression Blend). It might be useful to provide the build number that the user can compare.
2. When I click the “Download final project and assets” button-thing, my browser just flickers for a moment and I nothing downloads. No right-click support for Save Target As…

Just looking to provide the requsted feedback. Thanks!

Comment by David

Thanks for your feedback!

1. This means that you don’t have the right version of Blend, please install Expression Blend 2 May Preview from here.

2. I covered this issue on an entry before – IE7 security option.

Thanks again,

Comment by Celso

Very nice site, Celso. Good work.

I am WPF integrator myself and I will
definitely take the tutorials.

Side note: I surf with my PDA sometimes,
so now instead of swearing against
Flash only websites, I’ll swear
against Silverlight only sites too ;-)=

Comment by Laurent

I just downloaded Blend from my MSDN subscription. After installation, the version number in About… is 1.0.1083.0. Is this not the correct version? I don’t get the SilverLight Application as a project type when I choose New Project.

Comment by Joey Navarro

Your subscription version is Blend V1. You have to install Blend 2 preview. You can have both installed at the same time in one machine.


Comment by Celso

Looks Great!

You better hurry and get more tutorials out. I eat very fast.


Comment by Eric Griffin

Looks very great!…and also please include a side treeview link to navigate between pages!….

Really glad to see silverlight is catching up very soon!..and its has real powers!..and you have used it well.

Comment by Guruparan

Great work! How about nibbles about nibblestutorials – exposing how nibblestutorials were built with Blend and VS – or is that biggerbites? 🙂

Comment by Allan

Following the metaphor, that would be a whole meal, Allan!
But during the next few weeks I plan to publish nibbles that will help people creating a site like this.

Comment by Celso

Hi Celso,

Nice looking site.

Now for the complaint(s). 🙂
Everything seems to be fixed
size and unscalable. Not only
is this bad for PDAs, but it
is bad for bigger or higher-res
displays. I hope we aren’t
going to continue the current
web practice of having nice
looking, but completely unscalable
sites with tiny unadjustable
text and fixed layouts.

I realize layout is limited
in Silverlight currently,
but I hope you guys will start
setting a better example.

Alan Cobb

Comment by Alan Cobb

Great looking site, I’m definately looking forward to the WPF nibbles myself as that’s what I’m working in. 🙂
Will this feed always be updated when ever any new content is posted?

Comment by Nidonocu

Great tutorials.
Am I missing something or do you not have the output for each animation actually on the page, or linked to so we can see what it is like at the end without downloading the files?

Comment by Mark

Answering the last two posts…

I have plans to start something for Mobile, since it’s a passion of mine too. I will also pay more attention to usability issues, like font size and scalability. You are right, Alan, and Silverlight provide enough features that allow us to do a better job.

Also, I will be updating this blog with new posts every time I add a new nibble. Subscribe to the RSS feed that you will be updated.


Comment by Celso

Great work, congrats!

Comment by Scott Hanselman

I am getting an error when trying to compile the buttons tutorial.

I am using VB Orcas (is that a problem?)

error: Microsoft JScript runtime error: ‘Button’ is undefined. I am not sure where else to define “button” can you help?


Comment by Kerry Hawkins

Guys, it’s super!
Could you please write me a letter to discuss possibility of translation to other languages?

Comment by Mik Chernomordikov

This is great. I was wondering, with the animation, how to get it to repeat, either infinately or loop a number of times?


Comment by Stephen Britz

Fantasic work! Plus the fact that they are made in Silverlight as well. I wonder if you would create a tutorial just on how you create these tutorials? Coz I would love to learn how I can make good use of this technique in distributing tutorial and lecture materials online 🙂



Comment by Johnny Chan

[… Celso Gomes, an interactive designer @ Microsoft, has also made available his website nibbles, which on his own words, it is a series of snack tutorials for hungry designers. Here you will find a good set of tutorials for creating both WPF and Silverlight applications using Expression Blend…] ping back from Samiq Bits

Great work here man… congrats!

Comment by Samiq

I just want to say that the tutorial is great. I was able to quickly create the cool rocket man example in 20 minutes. The tutorial is perfect. I did have a problem downloading the files until I saw the post about changing the Internet Explorer download settings. Is it possible to change that to a normal download? I would hate for people to not be able to do the tutorial because of that one step.

Comment by Michael Washington


Great book. I just want to say what a fantastic thing you are doing! Good luck!


Comment by tovorinok

I was at a conference in Brazil, so I’m pretty late replying to these posts. I replied to indivisual e-mails to make sure people get the reply. So I will not repeat those e-mails here.


Comment by nibbles

Olá Celso,

Grande trabalho. Como sempre fantástico. Parabéns!

Comment by rodrigo turra

Dear Celso

Just did your first tutorial, and god, oh god.
million thank you’s wouldn’t cut it, you made an amazing job, and i cant wait for the next ones,

please please please make us some more.


Comment by Nimrod cohen

What an Awesome Site. It’s my first choice. Why. Because you’ve set up easy tutorials and the site looks great, implementing these technologies.

One request. How about if you do what no others have done. Have the tutorials available in C# and in Visual Basic?

Comment by doug b

In response to your upcoming tutorial where you say it will be for people who want to create a site like this, I’m hungry and more so every day that I wait … Yum

Comment by Doug B

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